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March 09, 2009


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How awesome,Angela!! Now thatis a cupcake too perfect to eat!! I love your gorgeous stamped blossom with it's CE center. A perfect duplication of the cupcake!! Another amazing creation!!

Angela I love this!! You do such beautiful things with that flower. The ladybug looks great, so creative!!

Angela this is just so pretty! Your flower with the glossy center is just beautiful!! :) Great job with the challenge!

So that is the famous cupcake. I like this card. You did a great job matching the colors and disguising the flower. Now I'm gonna go check out the other peeps and see if I can find you!

Oh my, I would have a lot of trouble eating a cupcake that is that cute! How artistic, and a perfect addition to your card! Your stamped daisy is gorgeous!

I found you.

did my sistah rock the house or what?! definitely extra points for you! and you were sweating this challenge? bah!
love ya!

That cupcake is the cutest thing ever! I can't believe you were able to keep those first grade fingers away from it all day long! Your daisy looks fabulous with the photos.

This is the yummiest card I have ever seen! Everything about it .... YUMMY! :D Fabulous Angela!

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